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About Me

Hello, it is a pleasure to meet you and I hope you like seeing what I do! My name is Sara Howard, but online I prefer the name Matrices. If you're wondering how to say my name: It is pronounced may-truh-seas (click for audio!). It means: That in which anything is developed, takes shape, or is contained. I felt it was a creative choice and became established as my name because it normally wasn't taken in other online communities, so it eventually stuck! Let me tell you a little about myself, my passions, and my characters!

My Characters
History of Costumes I have Created

I'm from the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I live on an island in Washington state and have lived here for many years. My favorite thing to do in this area is hiking and exploring. Rocky driftwood-strewn beaches, evergreen covered mountains, and misty forests are all high on my appreciation list in life. My favorite animals include coyotes, wolves, and foxes. As well as hummingbirds, seagulls, quail, and steller's jay birds.

I am a dog-person extraordinaire. I have one adorable dog named Turbo, he was adopted Feb 2009. I trained him with positive dog training methods, and enjoy taking him to local dog parks and on hiking trips with me. I offer him silly things on video using the twitter tag #TurboTakes to see if he accepts them or not. Dogs are a big source of inspiration for me, and have always been an important part of my life.

As for other hobbies, I enjoy drawing, building and wearing costumes, making props, and generally being crafty. I've always been a creative person, drawing since I was four years old, and I was lucky to have the opportunity to learn how to design websites early in life so have been doing it since I was 10. I've been involved in the furry, cartoon, and anthropomorphic fandom since around 1998 - 1999, a long time! Its hard to remember an exact date, since it was more of a gradual realization of interest. I am definitely here and want to make a positive impact on those who also share this. Since 1999 I've made my own costume masks of my characters almost every year for Halloween. The first attempts were using paper maché which were just decorated with paint. I tested the limits of my paper maché skill, and eventually moved towards plastic canvas and foam construction around 2003, and have moved on from that and experimented with different maskmaking mediums and techniques ever since.

Its been a passion of mine to share what I know so I can see others create and share new techniques. I certainly can't make all of the costumes myself, so seeing others learn and make their own is always thrilling to see! I've taught classes on mask making, tail making, and costume design at local events and conventions since 2004. I also lend my hand patiently sharing techniques and WIPs with other like-minded folks online and am constantly impressed with the collective amount of knowledge shared within the fursuit building communities.

What do I do for a living? This is it! Its not easy being a self-employed costume designer, professional tailor, freelance artist, and salesperson, but its an amazing dream job that I've carved out for myself. I design and create my own merchandise that I sell at various events as a dealer, as well as online. Check out the Hire tab for more details on what I specialize in. I have been doing this for work since 2012, and I am thrilled to be able to fill a wonderfully spectacular niche and have the opportunity to work for so many wonderful clients who share my interests.

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