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Welcome to the creative space! This is where you can find out how I create the projects that I enjoy and share tips on how you can make them too! Making things has been a passion of mine for most of my life, so this section of my site is dedicated to lots of tips, hints, as well as many examples on how I make my cute costumes and projects!

One thing to keep in mind while creating your own projects is to be as resourceful as possible! While I may have used one particular item, product, or technique in creating a costume or item -- if you find something similar for less cost, or found a different way -- share that information with others! You may find something better, or a different technique, and it will only develop innovation. I highly encourage you to share your ideas and experiences with others because it fosters further knowledge and innovation.

Are you interested in or looking for a community to share your progress and stay inspired? I operate a dedicated-topic chat called The WIP Zone on a service called Telegram. The WIP Zone is a wonderful inspiring place with a dedicated theme of sharing WIPs and staying inspired. All kinds of safe for work artwork, fursuit, sewn, crafted or other projects are welcome to be shared there.

Fursuit Building

Costuming, cosplay, dressing up, fursuiting, whatever you consider it to be. I think its really cute innocent fun, and I love maskmaking and creating costume items. It has been my hobby for well over 15 years now and I really enjoy seeing what others create too!

The process surrounding creating things such as fursuits is called prototyping, it is a perfectly natural part of the learning curve to learn to make new items by making rough versions and refining them as you gain skill and learn new techniques. Practice new techniques on scraps before applying to your final project, and most importantly don't stop trying!! Even if something doesn't work out as you expect, it is still a learning experience! It is for sure more fun to have a costume than it is to not have a costume, so have fun with what you make!


I have collected lists of many useful things that relate to fursuit and costume building, crafting, including supplies! I sincerely hope these resources help you in your craft endeavors! In the resources links you will find in this section include faux fur suppliers, foam suppliers, and links to other tutorials and guides by other artists.







Detailing and Finishing


For Beginners


Fursuit Maintenance

You created or purchased an amazing costume, how do you keep it nice? Here is some information on that very topic! Testing gives us confidence, so I encourage everyone to use scraps of fur test these maintenance methods so you can see the results and compare for yourself! Check out my #fursuit-maintenance tag on tumblr.

There is a lot of hearsay when it comes to maintaining fursuits, you can find out what works and what doesn't by using scientific method-style experiments to see results for yourself! Cut up a few swatches of scrap fur and save one piece aside as a "control" and test the remaining pieces to your heart's content! What results do you get? Is it what you expected? Share your results!



Fursuits aren't the only thing I am a fan of creating, some guides on making some other goodies to enhance your furry experience!



I love recipes and have decided to share some of my own! Some are edible, some are just useful things! Enjoy! Check out my #recipe tag on tumblr.




These are articles about fursuit-related topics without them specifically being a tutorial. My goal is to be informative or thought-provoking in the process. I hope these, and future articles, serve to be both good information to help folks think about the how's and why's of fursuit topics, but also offer a helpful or informative detail about the topic at hand (ok, ok, some how-to stuff might still be included). Check out my #articles tag on tumblr.

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