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History of Costumes by Matrices

From newest to oldest, this is a timeline of all the costumes I've built or had a major part in building. Note: Some collaborations with colleagues and refurbished pieces are not pictured (for example if it was a minor change intended to match the original maker's work, or if a colleague used my foam base to finish into a costume collaboration in their style).

Bonk (Dec 2017) - Head was commissioned and made by Battitude. Everything except the head (Body, feet, tail, and hands) were made by me.

Viridis (May 2017) - New Body/Handpaws/Tail. Facial refurbish & footpaw refurbish. Original maker of head & feet R_L Works. Coyote.

Zum (March 2017) - New Body/Paws/Tail & facial refurbish, original maker of head AutumnFallings. Maine Coon Housecat.

Binturong refurbish (Dec 2016) - New nose, new eyes, updated markings.

Tealeaf (Nov 2016) - Raccoon

Boca (formerly Beef Jerky version 1, updated May 2015) - Husky refurbished into new character.

Treever (version 2) (April 2015) - Labrador retriever.

Makuyi (Oct 2014) - Husky facial reconsruction & refurbish, original maker racer89.

Hayzel (Aug 2014) - Red Panda

Dai (formerly Mangle, updated Aug 2014) - New eyes, inside liner, and airbrushing.

Chelan (Jan 2014) - Coyote, nose and resin base by Beetlecat Originals, teeth and tongue by Crystumes, the rest constructed by me.

Slocome (Sept 2013) - Maine Coon Cat

Binturong (April 2013) - Binturong

Yoshinomi (November 2012) - Shiba Inu

Pokka (September 2012) - Akita

Brushy (March 2012) - Coyote. A collaboration with Jillcostumes, we worked equally on this project together!

Cathlamet (Updated March 2012) - Updated eye style.

Wishkah (Jan 5 2012) - Husky.

Beef Jerky (version 2) (Updated Oct 31 2011) - Closer shave, updated eye style.

NW Native Husky (Oct 28 2011) - Husky, resin blank by Jillcostumes, the rest painted/constructed by me. With glowing red EL wire.

Beef Jerky (version 2) (Jan 11 2011) - Husky

Zoe Husky (2010) - Husky

Fizz (2009) Border Collie


Cathlamet (September 2008) - Grey Wolf

Mangle (April 2008) - Akita

Beef Jerky (version 1) (April 2006) - Husky

Sled dog (2005) - Alaskan Husky

Treever (versian 1) (2004) - Labrador Retriever

Matrices (updated 2004) 

Canine (2003) - Doggy

Matrices (2003) - Doggy

Matrices (2002) - Doggy, made from Paper Mache and fur

Odium (2001) - Hybrid, made from Paper Mache and fur

Matrices (2000) - Doggy, made from Paper Mache and fur

Mukilteo (1999) - Doggy, made from Paper Mache
(No image, this was sadly before I had a digital camera.)

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