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Project Terms

Thank you for your interest in working with me to create your project! I have a few important terms and conditions that will be listed here. Covering such things as a problem with your order, delays, cancellation terms, or other situations that may be encountered. This information below is by no means definitive, since each project and situation is unique. This page may be revised without advance notice. Please check back for any updates.

About working with me

I am an artist living in Washington State. I create fun artistic projects that are considered hand made luxury items. Ordering from me is not like placing an order through a "traditional" online store. I am only one person, and do not work in a studio or with a team. The work I do is not outsourced to other artists, so when you buy a project to me unless it is mentioned otherwise (for example a collaboration) it is of my own patterning and creation. Website updates, answering emails, and creating the projects are all done by myself and your patience is appreciated throughout the commission process.

Before starting a project I require either a pre-payment or a down payment, which will be needed before I am able to begin work for you. The down payment is a minimum of $25 or up to 30% of the project's projected cost. I will not start work until a prepayment or down payment is paid. If you have not put any money towards your project, I do not have you scheduled and have not started your project.

Thank you for considering me for your project! I hope to work with you!


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