Welcome to www.matrices.net! My name is Sara Howard, I'm also known as Matrices. This site is divided into four sections: "About Me" which is a short autobiography. "Art" which is a showcase of what I consider my artwork (including drawings and crafts). "Costuming" which is a resource on how I built my own costumes, with tutorials on you how you can do it, too! And "Other Stuff" which includes links, my journal, and anything else. Thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoy your stay. Go ahead and explore the site and have fun!

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Happy New Year! 

  • Starting January 20th I will be accepting project commission ideas! I unfortunately will not be able to accept every project that comes my way. So you know what to expect if you want to submit your idea, please know:
    • Projects will be selected based on what is a best fit for my artistic style and ability, and that I think I can accomplish within your specified budget and time frame.
    • Preference will be given to projects that match my artistic style, since I will excel at those the most.
    • Ensure that any files shared only feature content that is "Safe for Work"
    • And as a small reminder, I do not make client-designed fursuit heads on commission. I only make and sell them at auction. So if you are a fan of my fursuit heads, please keep on the lookout for auction announcements on my social media pages over the course of the year, thank you for understanding!
  • I have revised my Pricing page and Order Guide as well as added a Project Terms page.

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