Video Tutorial: How to Make a Fursuit Head Base Using Foam.

          Many people have taken the time to e-mail me and ask me for better pictures of the head construction process, and since I can't go back and take progress pictures of past projects, this time there's a video! The entire assembly took about 1 hour and 15 minutes from start to finish, I edited most of the me-staring-at-it-deciding-what-to-do spots, and got it down to about 30 minutes of actual construction, broken up into 3 videos for your viewing pleasure. I do want to apologize right now that there's no audio, I wanted to add music but I'm so darn indecisive I just went with nothing. All the information is subtitled, though! 


 Needed Recommended
  • 3 or 4 clothespins
  • Permanent marker

Part 1:  Making the base to work from.

Part 2:  Constructing the ears.

Part 3:  Assembling the muzzle and jaw.

          The mask itself still needed some more things added to it before it is ready for fur, mainly cheeks and eyeridges, but for the sake of a how-to I think the video really represents the basics of what to do to make a mask this way. Here are some photos of the mask before I furred it. And its about the level of completeness your mask should be before you fur it, too.

Quick example on how to make the start of a muzzle from foam

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